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Cool People Doing Cool Stuff: Designer Megan Stewart

Megan Stewart
iD Dunedin Fashion Show. Dunedin Railway Station, Dunedin, New Zealand. Friday 24 March 2017. Photo: Chris Sullivan/iD Dunedin

I got to meet Megan Stewart earlier this year when I went along to ID Fashion Week (It was a blast, check out all the great articles I wrote on it). Not only is the young designer SUPER charming, you can see a mile away she’s going to do great things. When I met her, she was about to head off to New York City to pursue her designing dreams. Since being there a short time she has already landed an internship with Proenza Schouler – which is kinda a big deal.

SP: What inspired this collection and how long did it take you to get it to ID Fashion Week?

M: My collection Daily Show is inspired by the disconnect between reality and the mind-numbing dullness that arises from evenings glued to the television. Alternative pattern making techniques and draped elements create warped and glitch-like forms showing what happens to a mind soaked in media. It has been a year process to get to iD, time which I spent developing work from my original graduate collection.

SP:  How long ago did you graduate, where from and what do you recommend to high school (or older) that would like to follow in your footsteps and become a designer?

M: I graduated from Massey University, Wellington in June 2016. I had such a fantastic time studying at Massey, completing a joint fashion and business degree. I learned so much about design, business, construction and more importantly learned a different way of looking at issues, processes and myself. For someone coming from high school, I would suggest just to go for it! But keep in mind it takes a huge amount of work. I don’t know if I could even count the all nighters and days I spent at Massey. For me, I still loved every second I was there because design is my love.

SP: Who are some of your inspirational designers?

M: That list is completely endless. My top favourites designers are Martin Margiela, Jack McCollough and Lazaro Hernandez from Proenza Schouler, Rosie Assoulin and Alessandro Michele from Gucci.

SP: What’s next for you? You’re off to New York this week, aren’t you? What do you have planned for the big apple!?

M: I sure am! I have just landed in NYC and it has been the most incredible four days. For the year that I am here I hope to be inspired by the city and the creative people that are everywhere here. And hopefully complete some internships too.

SP:  Do you see yourself releasing a collection a season? Will we see you at ID and NZFW next year?

M: To be honest, I am not too sure yet? I am taking this year out to discover NYC and gain some more experience in design before I get starting in producing my own line. But with time I do plan to make more collections. However very soon I will be releasing images of a new collaborative collection, which I have done with my good friend Jarrod Reid. It is named Blitz and is completely different to my previous work, but we are both obsessed with it

SP: Lastly, and I kind of touched on this before, what general advice would you give for people who want to make it as a designer?

M:Be passionate and hardworking! To be successful in this industry comes down to many things that are out of your control; connections, luck, timing etc. But as long as you absolutely love what you do, with a kind and hardworking approach. You will hopefully find some great opportunities that will come your way.


Make sure to follow Megan’s journey on Instagam and if you thought the images were cool check out the awesome photographer Jodie Gibson. Photo credit: Jodie Gibson

Photo credit: Jodie Gibson
Megan Stewart at ID Fashion Week
Photo credit: Jodie Gibson


Photo credit: Jodie Gibson



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