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Our physical and mental wellbeing is something we often overlook in our busy lives. Here are seven quick ‘n’ dirty tips to jumpstart your self-love.


Don’t be dictated to by irrational beliefs such as dress size. I can change dress sizes between shops, hell, I can change dress sizes in the same shop depending on what I’m trying on. Better to have clothes in a size that make you look and feel amazing than forcing something to work because of the number that appears on the label. On a similar thought train, ever noticed men’s body hair is totally acceptable whilst a woman’s is “gross” and “dirty”? This is totally illogical yet hypocrisies like this have become ingrained into our thinking. Your small bits are not a problem, your big bits are not a problem. You are definitely not the problem. Attitudes and cultural norms are the problem.


Understand you’re not alone. Everyone has something that makes them feel shit about themselves. No one is immune to insecurities, not even Becky with the good hair. If you have a few have hang ups you’re not crazy or self-absorbed, you’re normal.


The internet is an amazing thing, it’s the reason you’re able to read this now and access all types of awesome resources. The issue is using it positively. When we start reading too much negative news, opinions and shit fights in the comments section, it begins to rub off on us. I have recently made an effort to seek out and create positive online spaces to interact in, especially on social media and I was surprised how much of a difference it made to my general wellbeing.


Now you’ve cleaned up your social media and internet consumption you need to move that into real life. We know the damage toxic people can cause and unfortunately we can’t always remove them from our life completely. What we can do is limit the damage they cause us by actively reducing the amount of time and space they take up in our thoughts. It’s a cliché but raging about people or situations we cannot change is like us drinking poison and expecting them to die. You’re having a terrible day while they are merrily going about their business. I have found through years of trial, error and tantrums the best relief is to talk about it with someone you trust. Sometimes an outside ear can give you the perspective you need and it’s a lot healthier than getting plastered and screaming about how much you ‘don’t care’ in the middle of Queens Street at 3am. Not that I’d do a thing like that of course… Let’s move on.


Nourish and care for your body. Binge eating junk food because you’re sad, lonely or bored is something most of us have experienced. Munching through a whole cake seems like a rad idea while it’s going down but it invariably leaves us feeling even worse. It’s surprising how many people struggle with bad self-image stemming from comfort eating and the knock on effect it has. If you’re struggling with disordered eating speaking to a qualified nutritionist is a great option to get you back on track. Samantha Russell specialises in tackling binge eating and the issues it causes. She also runs a gentle, holistic online space at Live the Whole for those wanting support with eating, nutrition and well being. offer a list of therapists to help you with your specific needs.

I am the world’s worst procrastinator, especially when it comes to stuff I don’t want to do. Paying bills, cleaning, and making appointments are tasks I just want to hide from, however living with a ‘to do’ list hanging over your head is a miserable existence. Try to get your chores done or at least started first thing in the morning so you can chill out with a clear head and a sense of achievement later in the day. I’m still working on this one so don’t be disheartened if it doesn’t all fall in to place straightway.


The above tips are suggestions for giving yourself a boost and dealing with everyday issues. If you are at a point where you are struggling to get out of bed and function normally or are behaving in a self-destructive way please see your doctor who will be able to refer you to the right services. There is NO shame in asking for help and there is NO shame in receiving therapy or taking medication. It doesn’t make you a weak person, it makes you an amazing person who is taking steps to help themselves out of a bad situation.







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