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New Zealand Fashion Week 2017 – Zambesi


Lets just put it out there – I fucking love Zambesi. If I wasn’t a poor writer and had a trust fund I would always be casually wearing Zambesi. Alas, I do not, so here we are.

This year the patrons of NZFW were treated to iconic Zambesi, opening the event.

The collection is a sort of mix between 90s grunge (yup grunge is STILL happenin’) and that early 2000s millennium look with all that space age silver and fitted denim jackets. I’m making it sound awful, but it was actually pretty cool! The collection was pretty brightly coloured for Zambesi (there was still lots of black, don’t worry your wardrobe is safe) but I was particularly fond of the use sunflower yellow.

Photography guru – a.k.a Shivan Patel a.k.a @gathum took these amazing images:


And here is a video of the collection taken by yours’ truly:





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