New Zealand Fashion Week - Hailwood - Sans Pareil

New Zealand Fashion Week – Hailwood


I love going to Hailwood shows. The man knows how to pick his music. As someone who is a total music nerd, it’s really important to me that the music is legit. None of this pop chart-Katy Perry- Taytay BS. Those models better walk out to something vintage/nostalgic, ironic, or with a base that makes you bounce. It’s SUCH a missed opportunity the music sucks. It is literally the way you get the audience to stop chatting and sit up straight and pay attention. Anyway, we’ve established I give Hailwood’s music choice my thumbs up.

The best way I can describe the over all feel of this years’ collection was that a few minutes in, I turned to Ash, ma date, and asked “Have you seen Twin Peaks??”

If you haven’t seen Twin Peaks (what the eff are you doing with your life??) It is pretty much my favourite programme of all time. And as soon as I saw that teased hair, cinched in waist and light-weight sweaters – I thought Audry Horne. Again, if you don’t know who that is (seriously, I’m judging you. Go, go watch TP now) It’s this lady riiiigh here:



And here are some images from the actual show by Gathum (of course):



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