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New Zealand Fashion Week – Oyster & Chop


One thing I wanted to look at this year, was the surrounding restaurants, cafes, bars that make FW sooooo much more fun. Every year, the media and everyone involved, do mad 18 hour days. And although there are refreshments you can pick up inside the venue, it’s nice to be able to go, leave the hectic atmosphere and relax somewhere and chill (or if you’re me, open up your laptop and work). I end up spending a lot of time in these places.

A favourite location of mine is Oyster & Chop.

Apart from being in a cool location and having an even cooler name, they have a great range on their menu and translate from a day time hang out spot to an evening dining experience. They released a menu in celebration of Fashion Week, so Gathum and I decided to go in and try it.

I’m happy because I’m eating. Seriously. So good. There were so many times I got yelled at for stuffing my mouth full of food when we were doing photos, where I was meant to be politely posing. Ahhh sigh.

I highly recommend checking out their menu, and having a pre or post Fashion Week dinner!





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