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What a Woman Should Stop Wearing After 30: A Guide


The weight of other people’s expectations and opinions.

That’s it. That is the only thing. What you are wearing isn’t hurting anyone and it won’t directly negatively impact on yours or anyone else’s life unless you’re actively getting arrested for indecent exposure. You are not obliged to work around other people’s attitudes or comfort when it comes to your own clothing. Let any negativity slide right off you like you’re human Teflon, although I promise there will be a lot less than you think.

When I was 23 I got pregnant with my daughter. I felt like I had to immediately drop my personal style and morph into my perception of a ‘mum’. The clothes I loved got pushed to the back of the wardrobe in favour of more ‘mummish’ gear. Blue jeans, sensible shoes, a plain top and no make up or accessories became my uniform. There is nothing wrong with this look if that’s your thing, rock it! However, after spending years loving my grunger girl hippy styles I felt flat and miserable. Feeling comfortable in our skin and our identity has a pretty profound effect on most people and clothing ties into this. I didn’t anticipate how drastically changing my clothes and overall look would make me feel. It was like I’d lost a part of myself. I was frumpy, unhappy and my confidence had left the building. Ditching my self-imposed rules was the best favour I ever did myself.

Thirty is a hell of a young age to retire the clothes you love and enjoy wearing. If you want to wear a giant fluffy leopard print jacket with ripped jeans and your battered converse then please do, because life is too short and too awesome to be ‘too old’.




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