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Behind The Scenes of New Zealand Fashion Week: My Not-So-Glamorous Life In The Media


Leading up to NZ Fashion Week, I constantly get people asking me about how excited I must be. How glamorous it must be to go. I’m always replying that although I am looking forward to it, it’s going to be a hurricane. From Monday afternoon until Sunday afternoon, there are non-stop things you should be doing, often several at once; shows you must attend and networking events you’ve promised to go to. Each year I’m usually a complete write off for 2-3 days after afterward. Which is a stress in itself because I’m usually still catching up on content I need to write about.When people ask me if I’m going to the ‘after party’ of a particular show, I usually cry/laugh picturing the several hours I have ahead of me writing, and say ‘no’.

Being in the media at Fashion Week is not glamorous at all. With that in mind, I thought I would share with you several examples;

Backstage at Stolen Girlfriends Club.

The Cab Ride From Hell

This year I was lucky enough to take a writer (my account manager Emma) along with me to burden some of the mayhem. One thing you need to know is if you head down to Silo Park during Fashion Week there will be traffic jams, and people parking in crazy places. One particulaly stressful moment, we had to get to a post show that was about a 10 minute walk away. That’s fine but there was a show we had to be at that was starting in 25. So what do we do? Obviously we’re like cool, lets just jump in this cab. Not only does he go the long way, but traffic becomes gridlocked, we miss the show and Iget to pay $30 for something that was a 7 minute walk. Choice!

You Get Ignored 

One thing that’s reeeeally stressful is getting on the right lists. You can have 100k followers on Insta, but if you haven’t emailed the right person, you’re basically fucked. And 99.0% of the time no one means harm by it. Everyone is just SO busy they don’t have time to track down every Tom, Dick and Harry who has a blog or website. Which can suck when you’re a blogger because you feel like it’s directed at you specifically, or that you didn’t make the cut to some elitist club. I’ve been on both sides of this fence, and from my experience, no one on the ‘elite’ side feels elite. They just feel like people trying to make their way. Yup, just like that Vanessa Carlton song.

I Showed Up To The Wrong Backstage Event 

Getting backstage is a nightmare, but once you’re there, nothing can beat the quality content you get. You get that perfect high-res image of a model getting makeup done and then you get to talk to the makeup artist and find out why they are doing the makeup that way – content gold. I had a mishap with my emails getting through to my contact at MAC. This meant that a distressed phone call from me on that day resulted in a txt conversation with address and phone numbers. Being my dyslexic ass, I got the addresses wrong of two major off site shows and was standing there, outside, like an asshole, calling said person from location A saying I was there, when in reality I was across town at location B a mere 2 hours early for B’s show. Awesome. Way to get no images, no interviews and have the staff and minders stare at me like I’m crazy as  I came running up the hill trying to make it on time.

I Fell Down A Hill 

Actual footage of me falling on my damn face.

If you know me this will not be a huge surprise. But all dressed up, at about 11 at night I’m walking from my from my car to my apartment, am carrying groceries, about 5 goodie bags and my camera, laptop and handbag. And I just bail. Like full on go down, and just sit on the ground thinking ‘standard’. This of course, was 1 day into Fashion Week, so I spent the rest of the week having to hide a shin covered in deep black and blue bruises and cuts. So much glam.

It’s Not As Rich As People Make It Out To Be

This is something so many people complain about. ‘Everyone is trying to look like something they’re not’. Pretending they are so wealthy and upper class. I’m gonna be real with you – I’m not rich. No one I know who goes to Fashion Week is super rich. I’m sure they are there, but I have no idea who they are. Fashion Week is like Halloween in a sense, or a comic-con. But instead of dressing up as favourite characters we get to dress up in our favourite designers. I love Fashion Week because it’s literally packed with every sort. From Drag Queens to fashionistas, to people coming straight from work to people who almost look like they are in cos-play! Some men are in suits while some are in ripped jeans. You can wear whatever you want and express yourself however you want. So I think a lot of people come off looking like they think they are the shit, or like they are pretending they have all this cash – when in reality they are just having fun with the way they dress!

Colin Mathura-Jeffree just wants to dress well, man! Just like we all do.



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