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Overheard at Fashion Week 2017

fashion Week

It wouldn’t be Fashion Week without overhearing some hilarious conversations.
And recording them. For the world to enjoy.
So here you go, 10 things overheard at Fashion Week 2017.


“Maybe I’m so anxious because I haven’t I cried this week”
– Overheard at Zambei show

“How was the Stolen Girlfriends Club show?”
“Oh you mean the tits in mesh show?”
– Overheard outside Venu, morning after the SGC Show

“You know she’s only sitting front row, because she bought Instagram followers”
– unknown

“I need dick tonight”
– Overheard waiting outside Hailwood Show
“Isn’t that Cat from Kenzo and those signs from Chanel?!

– Overheard at World Show
“What shoes are you wearing?”
“Boo- lenciaga”
– Overheard Opening party

“(People taking photos) “Tell me how to pose to take a nice photo!”
“Change your face”
– Overheard outside venue Day 3

“What’s your biggest fear?”
“Being filmed naked and showing up on pornhub”
– Overheard at Huffer Show

“You should totally follow me on Instagram. I’m pretty influential in Auckland”
– Overheard at Federation Show

“Yeah, I’m dressed down today, only wearing 2 inch platforms”
-Overheard outside the media room




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