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Robecca Tries it: Episode 3


What could she possibly be trying now, you may ask?

HENNA SPA TREATMENTS for brows that’s what.

I’m reasonably lucky with my brows. they are darkish and not like a crazy shape or anything but I always feel like they are on the thin side. Nut uber thin, but just kinda ‘meh’.

I had never heard of henna brows before, and when I was asked to come try them out; I was like ‘sure!’ cause I say that to most new beauty things, but I really had no idea what I was getting myself into. For me, henna conjures up images of things dyed reddish.

What you need to know:

  • ON Browhouse is part of OFF & ON who specialise in waxing and hair removal (off) and brows (on). As someone who usually gets their rows waxed in a mall kiosk while running errands; this is a luxurious experience. You don’t have to worry about them getting it wrong, or not doing it how you like because the staff are PRO as heck. You’ll come away learning a few new things about your brows.
  • It is more expensive than just getting a 10-minute wax/threading in a mall, and takes about an hour. I recommend getting it done, to treat yourself, a special event or even just getting your brows to a way you want them to look.
  • The HENNA SPA TREATMENT consists of a  colour and shape combination.
  • Henna is used because traditional brow colours and tints are often ‘flat’ and one dimensional in their tone and have a lack of longevity that doesn’t match the brows shaping maintenance.
  • This is a great, noncommital alternative to brow tattoos.
  • They look AMAZING.

I was SOOOOO happy with them I went straight back and got them re-done for Fashion Week.

Look how cool the space is!


(note I’m wearing a bit of brow pencil, but they generally look quite trash)


First step, PERFECTLY sculpted brows

Step Two – Dyed brows

Note: I like my brows DARK and they settle down after a few days, so If these are not your cup of tea (hey I’m many things, but subtle isn’t one of them) know that I asked for them this dark and they do settle down after a few days.


Ta-da! Two days later and these bad boys are perfection! (Also note, Imma not wearing any makeup on my face at all in the below image, and still look somewhat put together!






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