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Robecca Tries It: Is An Expensive Electric Toothbrush Worth It?


I decided to do something very practical for this episode of Robecca Tries It, and look at teeth! It’s not that sexy, but hey, your smile is important. I wanted to see the difference between a top of the line electric toothbrush and a supermarket electric toothbrush (if you’re using a regular old toothbrush, what are you doing?? I imagine you’re gums are bleeding everytime you brush your teeth!! Keep reading – you urgently need this info!).

First up, I have a supermarket bought an electric toothbrush for under $50. I’m purposely not showing the brand because I would like to not get sued.

The high-end electric toothbrush I’m using is the Philips Diamond Clean Sonic electric toothbrush. Disclaimer:  was sent this brush to try, but was/am under no obligation to say anything in particular about it.


Back to the first toothbrush – It’s not bad. It had basic settings like soft, medium and hard (lollz) and you feel like you are getting a decent clean.

I’m obsessed with whitening my teeth, so keep them fairly white and polished, to begin with. Verdict – teeth feel clean, job feels done, smile isn’t particularly whiter.

Now for the Diamond Clean. The first thing you notice is that it’s super fancy. The charger is a glass on a base and you can charge it via a USB drive – sooo useful for traveling. I sound like a total dweeb saying this, but I lost my shit at the settings. Clean, White, Polish, Gum Care and Sensitive. So much to choose from! My favourites are the first three, and it honestly feels like I’ve been to a dentist for a polish when I use it. You can instantly notice the difference.

At a retail value of nearly $400 it’s no cheap date, but if you have the money, it’s totally worth it! After paying $9,000 for adult braces when I was 18, $400 for the continued high-quality care of my teeth doesn’t seem that bad.

Final say – 100% worth the investment. Go on, be an adult and go without that glam dress you’ll be sick of in a few months anyway, and look after your smile!

Boom! Whiter teeth, gorgeous smile.





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