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2017 AUT Rookie Show – The Designers You’ll Be Wearing Next Season


Th AUT Rookie show is always filled with the very top of ‘designers to watch. I always say that the best part for me is the level of creativity these young designers have. It is more of an art form than anything else – which puts on a great show.

Here are images of my very favorites from the show. I took all these images with my new iPhone 8 Plus. Would love to know if you like the images or not xx

Amanda Crampton – Don’t Touch My Body It’s Not Yours. 

This is a very interesting (on point) concept. The first thing you think when you see the collection is that it looks like the models are actually 80s hookers and you’re maybe in the wrong place. But there is something extremely seductive about the collection. Although I haven’t been able to find a commentary on her themes, I think it’s safe to say the collection looks at the aggressively sexual side of female sexuality and consent. And there something empowering about faux snakeskin and fur.

amanda crampton

Corey Jordan – Spyburbia 

“My collection investigates conspiracy theories, paranoia and government spies parading as housewives”. This collection is as cool as it sounds. I LOVED the attention to detail – rubber gloves, aprons, 50s kitten heels paired with dark sunglasses.

Corey Jordan


Tahirih Latu – Get Outta Here

Inspired by both her Tongan heritage and artist Dagmar Dyck, Latu produced very strong and vibrant printed designs. I could see these being worn in urban settings around the world.

Tahirih Latu

April Gourdie – Playtime Download 

“Escapism, nostalgia and digital immersion”.  I loved how retro and futuristic this collection was. There was the early 90s/late 80s Nickelodeon channel kinda feel, which was really cool (and nostalgic). Basically, I’d wear most the collection lots.





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