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My First Eyebrow Tint and Shape… Ever!


I was raised by an extremely frugal and capable family. Their philosophy was if we can grow it, make it, build it or salvage it ourselves, why on earth would we pay someone else to do it? While I was living at home my mother never went to the hairdressers, nail salon or beauticians for anything. She did it all herself, including cutting her own hair and making her own beauty treatments. The enthusiastic approach to DIYing and/or thrifting absolutely everything I was raised with goes some way to explaining why booking in for professional eyebrow shaping and tinting has never been on my radar.

Before: tragic and ragged

When I was invited to head down to Caci Clinic in Auckland’s Viaduct I genuinely had no idea what to expect from a shape and tint aside from a vague idea of the end result. My approach to eyebrow management has been a pencil thin over-pluck from 1995 – 2008 then an attempt at growing some hair in from then until now. I’m a red head so my eyebrows are a stunning shade of totally transparent and shaped like I should have calmed down with the tweezers. In short, they’re a disaster. Good job professional help is on the way.
Aside from having a nervous moment when I realised wax was being applied under my eyebrows my appointment was pretty relaxing. I was extra relieved when the waxing didn’t hurt and I finally have a decent shape. No more odd looking caterpillars having a meeting on my face. The colour was great, although it took a day to get used to seeing visible brows in the mirror.

Feeling fleeked

In conclusion having eyebrows tamed professionally by the lovely ladies at Caci is quicker, better, and less painful than trying to do them at home while children fight and potatoes boil over. I am really happy with the result and would definitely have this treatment again.




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