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Why I’ll Be Using Laybuy To Pay For All MY Xmas Shopping

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Have you heard of them? If not, boy have I got great news for you. Let’s start from how I heard of
Last year sometime I was shopping online, I think some Australian site, and I noticed there was an
option of a new payment method. Along with PayPal and card options, there was a third party platform
where you could pay a deposit, and it would then divide the outstanding balance over several weeks
and it would automatically withdraw the amount each week. The best part? The item was shipped to
you straight away.


Holy shit I thought. I can get that $400 dress NOW. Like, receive it for the weekend. This is fantastic.
Excitedly I picked out several items and went to the payment screen. Then, like all technology that is
exciting and new, it wasn’t available in NZ.
“Typical, New Zealand,” I thought, and left the site, dress-less and slightly heart-broken.

Fast-forward to New Zealand Fashion Week and there was a stall upstairs advertising LayBuy. Upon
further inspection, they were doing the same concept. I was giddy with excitement.
Finally, some magical person had bought this even more magical payment option to New Zealand.
Obviously, I went right up to them, said I love what you’re doing and demanded they worked with me.

Now, here we are.

Cool things you need to know about LayBuy:
They were the first company to introduce this weekly payment method into New Zealand
They are family owned and operated – right out of the North Shore (In Auckland)
You can now use LayBuy IN STORE as well as online
Yes, you read that right. Gone are the days of putting something on layby, and it being out of season by
the time you pick it up.
To test it out I went into the mighty house of G a.k.a Glassons and shopped to my little heart’s desire.

How It Works:
Sign up online first (you need an account to make use the system in store)
Pick the stuff you want and go up and use LayBuy
And Boom! You’re ready for action. Once you have accepted the payment schedule, you get
to take the clothes with you in your hot little hand.
Automatic payments will come out for the next 5 weeks, and you don’t have to do anything!
They even send you an email reminder to help ensure you don’t miss a payment.

Now for the shopping bit! Everyone knows Glassons and there’s so much to chose from, I decided to head there… shopping guide
There I am with my bag of goodies.

And just like that, I’m wearing my new outfit!







Other cool shops offering LayBuy:
Sterling Sports
Number One Shoes
Plus 100s more.

Explore the full range here.




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