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7 Instagram Hacks To Raise Your Game This Summer


Instagram is a pop-culture obsession. No doubt about that. And it can be a challenge getting a gram feed you like. If you’re interested in improving what content you’re putting out there – you’re maybe a small brand or simply aspire to be an influencer.  Whatever the reason check out my tips below.

  1. Your biggest investment should be your phone. I know I know, but it’s true. The difference between an iPhone 5 and an iPhone X or 10, especially that fancy, new portrait setting is phenomenal. If you reeeeally want to compete with some of the amazing content that’s out there you need a good camera. The other option is to have a DSLR (which is waaay more pricey, but maybe someone in your family has one?) and upload the images to your phone. I know some photographers that do this and the results are stunning.


  1. Do not, I repeat DO NOT use Instagram filters. You can use the contrast/ lighting section but stay away from the filters section. It was cool in 2011 to use Toaster on every image you took and have them look like they were forgotten in a box from the 70s. But it’s now 2017, and slapping your image with Toaster and Mayfair filters are the faster way possible to look like an amateur who has no idea how to use technology.


  1. There are SO many great apps out there to edit images with. Some of the apps are so great that I know people who prefer using apps on their phone rather than Photoshop on their computer. My recommendation is to download the Photoshop apps. All of them. They are easy to use, great quality because it’s Photoshop and easier to use than the actual program on your computer – awesome for newbies. If you’re having a browse through the apps store, make sure to check the user reviews first. If it’s a paid app, it better be amazing because you can get so many great image editing apps for free. I have about 6-7 on my phone that I use on a regular basis.


  1. For the love of God, do not post 10,000000 selfies. We get it, you’re feeling yourself and that’s great but would you go onto an account and see a million selfies then be like “Oh this is someone I MUST follow, that’s stellar content right there” No. No one does. Because it’s boring. If you’re thinking “Yeah, but Make-up blogger accounts are filled with selfies and they have some of the biggest following on social media…” Well yes, that is because this content is not a late night selfie while you’re bored, it’s a staged, edited (usually stunningly beautiful) image showing a makeup tutorial close up. BIG difference.
You know what I look like but there are not a million selfies glaring back at you
  1. If you’re serious about building a following then try to be unique and interesting. Post content people will want to see in their feed (You can never go wrong with a good meme) a funny quote a beautiful nature shot, something interesting you’re up to…possibilities are endless.


  1. Have some sort of theme happening. You don’t need to go all Nazi on it and freak out if you let an image in that isn’t strictly minimalism or whatever your theme is – but having some sort of thread running through it makes your account look polished. I LOVE Preview app because it lets you see what the images look like in the same grid format, without having to post yet. It also has pre-set packages you can buy which help you keep all your images in the same tones. I also know people that have a quote card every certain number of posts. Which adds an easy structure to maintain.
  1. A pop of red with whites, greys and blacks. Still using other colours but see how they all tie in?


    Although the content should be high quality, there has been a serious shift from “perfect” Instagrammers. I don’t know about you, but I’m sick to death of seeing perfect people showing off a perfect life. It’s not only staged and edited but studies have shown that Instagram is often credited with being the most depressing social media site. This is because the viewer is inundated with images of beautiful people and negatively comparing themselves to these images. So while you might be tempted to join the ranks of millions of accounts striving to appear flawless (I know I have in the past) try to be one of the emerging positive accounts. In other words, be real, show your flaws, don’t take yourself too seriously – your audience will notice and love you for it.

Not at all a perfect photo, very on the fly – but it was important for me to show I voted



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