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Ditch The Myths On Antique Engagement Rings


Being proposed to is probably one of the most special times in anyone’s life, and an important part of the occasion is the ring that you present to your beloved, or that you are presented with. Whether you are given a brand-new diamond engagement ring or a very special and meaningful antique, there are a few misconceptions you ought to know about.

  1. The ring must be new

This is not true at all. In fact, engagement rings don’t need to be new at all. While someone may feel that there is a stigma around antique engagement rings, there really is no need to feel this way. These days, there is a booming market for antique rings that have a rich history and are entirely handmade and unique. There are also those who think that there is a sort of superstition around these types of engagement rings and they are filled with the previous wearer’s woes, but this is also entirely a mistruth. There’s no scientific evidence to back up this way of thinking, so you’re not likely to absorb some sort of bad energy from an older ring. If you do fancy the idea of a vintage piece, check the antique engagement rings available at Kalmar Antiques.

2. You can’t afford an antique piece of jewellery

This is also merely a misconception in terms of antique rings. There are so many choices on the market from so many different eras, that we’re confident you could find an antique ring to suit the wearer’s style, personality, lifestyle, and your budget. Even if she really wants an antique ring with a huge center gemstone, you don’t have to break the bank- you can do your research and shop around until you find the perfect engagement ring.

3. The ring has to have a diamond in the center

Not at all. While many simply assume that engagement rings must boast diamonds, there really is no set in stone rule that states this. It’s actually become more common for women to wear engagement rings with different stones, like those that represent the period from which the antique engagement ring comes. There are many women who prefer an antique ring with a sapphire, ruby, or opal as something unique and totally different.

4. It’s up to the guy to pick the ring

This is a total fallacy in this day and age, and we urge you not to fall for it. Again, there’s no concrete rule that a man has to take on the responsibility all on his own to find the perfect engagement ring. If she has her heart set on an antique ring, she could tag along with you to see the different kinds of styles, cuts, materials, and stones.

5. An engagement ring must be worn every day for every more

Not at all! You don’t have to don the ring all day, every day, especially if you’re wearing a fine antique engagement ring. While it’s definitely nice to wear and show off your engagement ring, you could always keep it safe and only wear it on special occasions, and then choose to wear your wedding band on a daily basis.

These five misconceptions should help when you choose an antique engagement ring.




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