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Five Christmas Presents to Treat Yourself Too


…Because if you want something done properly, you’re better off to do it yourself.

  1. A decent cook book. Everyone should have a few things they can cook well. It feels pretty satisfying to whip up a delicious dinner for friends, family or just yourself. Try and pick one from your location so you’re not charging around the supermarket in a frenzy looking for a key item that turns out to be unavailable in your area. When choosing a book it’s super important to look at the contents and flick through a few recipes. If you pick something above your skill level or with fiddly ingredients you can’t afford you will end up frustrated and biffing it out the kitchen window while ordering a meat lovers. My favourite right now is Cooking for Change. Jacinda Ardern’s apple crumble is incredible.


  1. A comfortable pair of ‘going out shoes’. If you’re anything like me the excitement of pretty shoes in the shop had lead me to a closet full of beautiful but totally unwearable shoes, boots and strappy sandals. If you don’t already have a reliable pair of heels that go with anything, you really owe it to yourself to set aside a day to find some. Be realistic about the comfort and style factors before handing over your credit card. If you can’t walk in stilettos put them down. If you have nothing that will go with orange snakeskin cowboy boots, really consider if they are going to work as a go to for all occasions.


  1. Some decent sleepwear. This is really just for show. I’m pretty happy to hit the sack in my ancient Frankie Says Relax T-shirt while I’m at home. However if you’re a guest at someone else’s house or find yourself in a shared hotel room it’s nice to have something presentable to wear to bed. Not only does it look tidy and thus trick people into thinking you have your shit together, it’s also nice to wear something that nothing will ‘escape’ from during the night.


  1. A car service. Yeah, it’s not glam or pretty but then neither is being stuck on the side of SH1 like a numpty because your engine overheated and crapped out. That random clunking noise probably is something and that puddle of water definitely shouldn’t be there. If like me you know very little about cars, find a reliable mechanic and make them your bff. It also wouldn’t hurt to learn how to check your own oil, water and tyre pressure if you can’t already.


  1. Anything frivolous thing you’ve wanted for over 6 months. Been eying up aesthetically pleasing teapots with matching cup and saucer sets? How about that beautifully illustrated but somehow $70 book about fairies? Fox socks, holographic PS4 controllers, 90’s style hoop earrings or Harry Potter fairy lights, whatever it is now is the time to treat yourself. As long as whatever you’ve been yearning for doesn’t leave you financially ruined, December is the time to just treat yo’self. I know I should be encouraging you to create table cloths out of organic lentils and knit your own shopping bags but honestly if you’ve spent a year dragging yourself out of bed to sit in traffic for an hour so you can work for a further 8, you’ve earnt it, you deserve it and don’t let anyone tell you any different.





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