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How to New Year’s When You’re Over New Year’s


If there’s anything that inhibits having a good time, it’s the pressure to have a good time. New Year’s Eve is the ultimate example of a fevered need to be at the best party, doing the most shots, and having the OMG BEST TIME EVER!! Which you do, on Instagram at least. However the reality of New Year’s is more likely to be crowds of people, listening to a DJ play music via a Mac in a paddock, continuously trying to round up your friends, and overpriced warm booze in plastic cups. Nothing like waking up in a sagging tent with a combination of a splitting hangover and a low key existential crisis to the sound of Dane and Hayden yelling “hahahahaha bro” and revving their car engines for some reason.

If you’re relating to this at all you’ve probably been at this New Year’s game for some time now which is probably why you’re so utterly fucking sick to death of it. Good news, you don’t need to keep doing this. I’m giving you permission to not so much hang up your party pants, but at least trade them for a pair you’re happier with. Here are five alternative ideas for a low maintenance 31st of December.

  1. Get your best friends together and have your own party. No crowds and no worrying about outfits or hair in favour of just quietly getting giggly with your people in your trackies. It’s all the awesomeness of pre drinks without any of that awful leaving the house business.
  2. Throw a dinner party. Not only will you feel like a proper grown up with your shit together, you can also potentially use up the Christmas left overs that are threatening to split the shelves in your fridge.
  3. Pamper night for your friends, family or just yourself. Fling a facemask on and give yourself a manicure. There’s a lot to be said for bringing in 2018 with a slice of cucumber on each eye. The bonus of this is unlike most people, you will actually look amazing on New Year’s Day instead of a Walking Dead extra.
  4. Have a games night. Either the traditional card based kind or the video type. You’ll probably miss midnight trying to get first place on Mario Cart but being Princess Peach is life right now.
  5. Book a hotel and lay on the bed ordering room service and watching movies. If you’re blissfully snoring with a plate of cheese and crackers on your chest as the date changes you’re having a better NYE than 90% of the population.



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