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Think You Can’t Afford To Travel? Think Again


If you love to travel but you can’t afford to do it regularly, being stuck at home can really get you down. When you see everybody else jetting off around the world, leaving you sat at home counting your money and wondering how they ever manage to afford it, it’s frustrating. But they aren’t all lottery winners, most of them are probably in a similar financial situation to you. It’s important to travel for so many reasons so instead of sitting around at home and moping, do something about it. Regular travel is doable for most people, you just need a bit of clever planning and some of these useful tips.


Borrow The Money

It’s important that you’re careful with this one, but if you know that you can pay it back soon, borrowing the money is the easiest way to fund your travel. If you’ve got a bit of a shaky financial past, you might not think that you can borrow money with your credit score, but you’re wrong. You can still get quick personal loans bad credit withstanding. The interest rates might be a little higher but, as long as you can pay it off over the next few months, it’s fine. Borrowing is particularly good if you find a cheap deal that you only have a limited time to book, but you don’t have the money there and then. If you wait until your next payday, you’ll miss out on that great price but if you borrow a bit to book it, then pay it back next month, you’ll make savings.

Prague is a great city to visit if you’re on a budget

Set A Budget

One of the reasons that people can’t afford travel is that, even if they can afford to book the flights and accommodation, they worry about the money they’ll spend when they’re over there. That’s a valid concern if you go somewhere and spend whatever you feel like, but that’s the wrong way to go about it. If you work out how much you can actually afford and then set a strict budget, you’ll never overspend. You can save money by getting your own food and cooking it rather than eating out every night and finding lots of free attractions to go to rather than the expensive tourist traps. Just taking what you can afford in cash is the easiest way to limit your spending.

Another big mistake that people make is deciding on a country they want to go to, checking the price, then resigning themselves to the fact that they can’t afford to travel. The thing is, you might just be looking at expensive countries. There are so many great up and coming places all over the globe where everything will be very cheap. Make a sacrifice and go to some of these countries instead. Europe is a popular place at the minute because there are so many beautiful cities where the cost of living is next to nothing. You can get budget flights over there and your accommodation and spending costs will be tiny.

Antwerp, Belgium


Follow these simple steps and you absolutely can afford to travel regularly.   




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