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6 reasons you should hang out at a bar called Cupid, THIS Valentine’s Day (or any day for that matter)


6 reasons you should hang out at a bar called Cupid, THIS Valentine’s Day (or any day for that matter)

Cupid is a newly opened, freshly renovated little bar on Pt Chev Road in Auckland. This might be reason alone to pop along and check out the chill atmosphere but what we really love is that it resembles a New York City dive bar. Don’t get it wrong, It’s not a dive in the sense of looking like the local TAB, it’s a dive in the New York sense – a bar tender who can make good drinks and have an equally good chat, while the bar itself is romantically shabby chic. And of course, there is a killer play list. Here are 6 more reasons to get your booty down there and be proud of having no date this V-Day.

Owner/operator alix Mcentegart

1. Prove to yourself once and for all there is no shame in being alone. You don’t need to be in a relationship and you especially don’t need to have someone of Valentine’s Day to feel OK with yourself. Let’s lose the shame around not being in a relationship. Romantic partnership should be a lifestyle choice, not an obligation. Let’s make Valentine’s Day about friendship, doing something nice for a stranger, or indulging in a treat we love (said treat being your favourite cocktail while sitting at the oh so chic bar at Cupid’s).

2. The music selection. There’s nothing like listening to Morrissey belting out “And heaven knows I’m miserable now” (or any other Morrissey/Smith’s song, let’s be honest) to make you feel better on Valentines Day. If Morrissey can make being alone this moody and sexy – so can you.

3. Get better at going out alone. Not just going out and scrolling on social media, but interacting with people around you. It can be a total failure or sometimes a success, but putting yourself out there is good for your self- confidence. So next time you find yourself in a situation where you need to eat alone in public, you can do it like it ain’t no thang.

4. Deep-fried Pinky bars. Yup, they are on the menu and they’re only $3, and pink inside – so no one an accuse you of not being in the Valentine’s Day spirit.

5. Local craft beers. Cupid hosts a guest tap which features local brews such as Urbanaut and Piha. They also carry Deep Creek beers, so you can get anything from a nice crisp Pilsner to a Passionfruit Berliner Weisse. Choice.

6. You will be supporting a small business with an owner/operator. Which totally counts as “spreading the love”.

So why not come down to Cupid’s the Valentine’s Day and have an anti-valentines? We will be.

Now that you’re all psyched up on going out alone on Valentine’s Day (or hopefully so) we have a $100 Cupid Bar voucher for you to enjoy the night (or any night) in style.

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