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sans pareil x art of nails

We have a pretty loving relationship with The Art Of Nails. You’ll probably notice that they are a regular on the ole’ Instagram. Which is no coincidence. The Art Of Nails is that awesome little cross between chain and boutique, so you’re getting that luxury service and look but it’s not so extream that it costs an arm and a leg and you feel weird going there unless it’s for a wedding or something.

This is one thing you should definitely trust me on because I’ve been getting my nails done forever and have tried everywhere from places in shopping malls to right down the other end and getting an artisan. Art Of Nails is my favourite!


art of nails
Vicky, the very talented owner of The Art Of Nails

Check out all the times I’ve gotten some very cool nails thanks to the Art Of Nails.

sans pareil artof nails

sans pareil x art of nails




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