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6 Quick Tips To Kill It At Instagram

We are very lucky to have the awesome graphic designer Joanne Whyte from Simply Whyte Designs guest write this piece juuuuust for us. Joanne is not only a Graphic Design whiz she has one of the most beautiful design eyes I have ever seen. Check out her Instagram you will be shocked that she doesn’t have a team of 20 artists and animators behind her. We also love her work so much, we got her to design the Sans Pareil Facebook cover!
Joanne gives her expert advice on exactly what she does to make her page so amazing.
joanne whyteIn this day and age, social media has a huge influence on the way we do business and how we interact with people. 
As a designer, one of my favorite platforms to use is Instagram, each tiny square when all put together creates a story and within each square is the opportunity to attract and meet new people. With over 700million users on Instagram, it’s a great way for people to get to know your brand.
Just like a logo or a website any social media should be an extension of your brand and have a great story. Here are six tips to help you with your gram game.
1.) Don’t just think of one square at a time
Think of your overall feed. I started to explore this by doing collages and have done a few puzzle themes on my feed. You can see some on my Instagram or how it all works on the Preview app interview.
2.) Use high-quality images
These don’t have to be taken with a professional camera but if you have one great, if you don’t then you just need to make sure you have great lighting, style your shot and make it interesting. If you don’t have access to images try looking for stock images. I’ve written a blog post on my favourite stock image sites.
3.) Apps
Use apps like Preview App or Planoly to plan your feed so that you get a consistent look with your brand and save yourself time.
4.) Create a theme 
Try stick to the same colours, fonts, filters, and style of imagery. People will start to recognise your look once they see it enough.
5.) Don’t post blurry images
Try to avoid posting blurry images, if no one can see what you are trying to do how will you capture their attention? Have clear crisp and inviting images to really catch their interest. 
6.) Have fun!
Last but not least have fun and get creative! Instagram is a really visual tool and there is no limit to what you can create. 
PS don’t forget to interact with people too, its called social media for a reason.
Joanne Whyte

You can follow Joanne (or at least check her out – her content is seriously cool) on Instagram and have a bit of a rummage through her website (and even hire her to make your social look amazing).

AND did you know you can download 8 ANIMATED INSTAGRAM QUOTES made just for social! How cool is that?





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