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I tried Bee Yu For a Fortnight


I have insanely sensitive skin, which would be fine by itself but coupled with mild but still noticeable rosacea, dry and oily patches, enlarged pores, acne scarring and now the beginnings of fine lines I’ve got myself some pretty problematic skin.


With this in mind my face is a challenge for any products. They generally either do nothing or aggravate my skin until it practically glows in the dark. I gave myself a chemical burn in the early 90s as a pre-teen when I decided sellotaping a cotton pad doused in a harsh face cleanser was a genius way to get rid of a cluster of pimples.


It wasn’t. Don’t do that.

Before: red, dry and just a bit sad looking really.

So here I am at newly 37 having tried and dismissed every budget brand wondering if i need to move straight on to the eye wateringly expensive stuff or if there’s something amazing that I can actually afford.


At around $120 for each cream, Bee Yu won’t be found in the aisles of your local supermarket however, it’s definitely not as expensive as some high end brands. It’s the kind of price point that means if it lasts a long time and actually works it will be worth every cent.


Ingredients wise Bee Yu creams are very natural and produced by the company right here in New Zealand. I’m leaning so much more towards natural products as they seem to irritate my skin significantly less. My only issue was the bee venom. I did actually patch test the day cream and masque on the inside of my elbow before getting started just in case.

If you’re concerned about the welfare of the bees, don’t worry, they’re just fine. An article by Marygrace Taylor explains “Modern methods can extract venom without harming the bees. Historically, venom collection was lethal to bees, and was performed either by crushing them or by forcing them to sting plastic or rubber surfaces, which caused their stingers to get stuck (a bee dies from stinging only when its stinger is dislodged from its body). The modern method is kinder: Beekeepers start with fabric-covered plates that have conductor wires stretched flat across them. When a bee lands on the plate, the wires deliver a mild electric current that agitates the bee just enough to make it sting, causing the venom to drop onto the plate. Since the fabric on the plate is very thin, it doesn’t trap the stinger the way plastic or rubber used to do, leaving the bee free to fly away unharmed.”


My favourite thing about the cream was how rich and buttery it felt in the pot but turned non-greasy on application. Literally no one wants to feel like they dipped their head in a bucket of lard, especially before putting on makeup so Bee Yu gets top marks for no residue.


I used both the day and night cream once a day for two weeks and the masque on Sunday. By the beginning of week two my skin was definitely smoother and firmer. The redness was reduced and i felt like my face was a bit brighter looking. A bonus discovery came a few days after I stupidly showered my left arm in boiling hot soup (food processor lid fail) I put a blob of the day cream on my burn and it significantly reduced the stinging sensation and sped up the healing.

After: Significant improvement and brighter.

After trying Bee Yu for a fortnight I would definitely buy this product. I’ve hardly made a dent in any of the creams although I’ve been using it full time for the last 14 days. I’m a bit of a ‘results now!’ kinda person so I was really happy that my skin visibly improved within two weeks.  The price for the trio can be a little confronting but it’s a hell of a lot less money than I’ve wasted on cheaper stuff that’s ended up being little more than the cosmetic equivalent of a stale ham sandwich.

We’re giving away a trio pack of Bee Yu’s day cream, night cream and weekly masque worth $348 to one lucky winner. Head over to our Facebook and Instagram, and enter now.




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