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Swimsuit Trends That Will Actually Look Good (We Promise)


Buying a swimsuit is the absolute WORST. No matter what your body looks like, it’s pretty impossible not to feel gross in the fluorescent changing room lights and mirror. Luckily for you, we have done the hard yards, and created a list of styles that will suit just about every body shape.

  1. High waisted bikinis are not only suuuuper trendy but also super flattering. They suck in and cover the rolly part under the belly button while exposing the ribs and upper waist – usually quite a flattering area. It’s like shapewear for the beach. What’s not to love? Because this trend is so big right now, the style is available just about everywhere – my personal favourite are from Cotton On Body because they are a) affordable AF at only $22.95 and b) so very flattering I’ve been wearing them as actual shapewear (no joke).
Honestly, look how great the briefs make your tummy look
  1. We all know the easiest way to make boobs look great is through a decent bra. What makes a decent bra? Support and some kind of underwire. The same goes for swimwear. It’s pretty hard not to sag in a flimsy triangle piece – especially if you’re bigger than a. B. And I don’t know about you, but I’m not about coming out of the water with my bikini top up around my ears. ASOS have a huge collection of swimwear in general, but I especially love their mix and match pieces where the tops go up to a 38G. Yup, a G.


  1. Whatever area you want to draw attention to, wear a pattern and whatever area you would like to draw focus away from wear a plain, dark colour. Let me break that down for you; most of us have a body area we like and some parts we don’t. Bright colours and patterns always draw the eye, so if you love your cleavage but not your butt, then wear something bright and eye-catching on the top half while a plain basic on the bottom. Simple. On that note, Lonely have the cutest swimwear range, and some very cool mix and match sets. The Doris Bikini will have you living out all your lazy, romantic summertime fantasies. Or at least, feeling like you are.
  2. Try a high cut one piece with a low back. Yes Baywatch style (no not burnt orange). High-cut swimwear not only lengthens your legs, but also adds a curve to the hips, rather than cutting in at the top of the legs. The low back shows off an area that is also usually one of the most flattering – your back. I dig this Piha Swimwear one-piece (and it’s even orange!). So channel your inner 90s babe and give this look a go. Just no running in slow-mo along the beach.
  1. Confidence. Don’t roll your eyes – this is serious! If you’re confident, no matter what you wear or what size you take; you’ll look like a million bucks – Promise. Nothing is more becoming and radiant than a smile and a love for the skin you’re in. Obviously you want to look as good as you can – we all do. But remember to also be kind to yourself and know that you have as much right to enjoy the beach as anyone else. Now go flaunt your new swimwear.



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