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It’s Friday! And with that, we are looking at another installment of Things We’re Lovin.

Skin. Skin is the largest organ you have (at a whopping 20ft!) and is often how your body absorbs stuff. So looking after your skin is very, very important. It can be the difference between looking like a shriveled prune and a youthful peach. (not to mention and more importantly, your overall health).

I have been getting facials once every 3-5 weeks for a few months now and the condition of my skin has improved so much, it’s unbelievable. I’ve never had a huge problem with a lot of pimples, but my skin gets very very dry around my nostrils and eyebrows to the point it’s flakey. I have issues sleeping so I also get large, dark circles under my eyes.

Check out these before pics;















Now check out my skin a day after getting a microdermabrasion;

the tone has evened out, my dark circles are clearing and the flaky skin is gone. Note, that I’m wearing NO makeup in this picture!

I’ve been getting the microdermabrasion, the sonic youth, and the vitamin C facials – all part of their skin plan. Check out their website and what different treatments you can get on their website

Or simply give them an email and go in.

I cannot recommend them enough!








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