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Off & On is a hair removal and brow bar with locations all over New Zealand. you’ve probably heard us talk about them before, because they are so damn, amazing!

The thing I love most about Off & On is that you can truly relax, knowing that your brows (and/or hair removal) will be looked after. I don’t know about you, but whenever I pop into a mall and get my brows shaped and wax, I’m always a little stressed because if you’re not careful, you’ll get a terrible result – see brows too thin. I don’t grow my brow hair very thick so I need to keep every hair I can.

I am obsessed with their Henna Spa Treatment. Because, well look:

off & on
I don’t even wear makeup when I have my brows looking this good

I’ve also had a fabulous experience with waxing – I only get my underarms waxed. Often when I go to a quick place I a shopping center or mall, my armpits stay red and sore for a few days, one time they even took some of the top layers of skin off. Not only did my underarms stay hair free for AGES like 6-7 weeks but it was painless.


And on top of all that good stuff I just mentioned, I love their marketing and imagery because it always makes me lol:

off & on

all of the lolls

So on that grand note, if you have anything you want brows that look amazing for. Check them out ’cause they are amazeballs!



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