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Why You Should Be Using the UYOC Cafe Guide Right Now


We all have that friend on Instagram and Facebook who tags themselves in an amazing looking eatery every weekend leaving you wondering how they know all these awesome places while you’re out there getting a coffee and a toastie from the same place your Auntie took you to in ‘09.

UYOC (Use Your Own Cup) has created a brilliant guide to the best cafes in your area. Having a child that is gluten free, eating out can be hit and miss. A quick look at the site means no more ringing ahead or just hoping there will be something there for her to eat. If you have your dog with you, are breastfeeding, are vegan, or are keen to eat somewhere environmentally friendly UYOC have got your back.

Use your Frank Green cups at any cafe signed up with UYOC


This is no ordinary guide however, It is their promise to donate all after tax profits from UYOC to proactive charities, NGOs and institutions who work to alleviate suffering and to defend and protect the natural world.

 Conventional disposable coffee cups can’t be recycled in New Zealand and cause tonnes of waste. With this in mind remember to pick up a chic, reusable Frank Green cup from cafes signed up to UYOC to reduce the amount taken to landfill each year.

UYOC are on a mission to recruit as many cafes up to their program so make sure you’re asking your local if they are part of UYOC.

Start using UYOC here





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