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Cool People Doing Cool Stuff: Jaimini Devta of Cotton Dreams

I was really inspired when I met Jaimini, she is a woman of extremely upbeat energy, which radiates an openness to the people around her. Check out this gorgeous handmade, pure cotton manchester the mother of 2 makes.
SP: What is Cotten Dream exactly? Tell us about the concept behind it and why you started it.
 JD: Personally, I love natural products. This means all the things which are similar in making as you and me! Four years ago, I had no other choice but to look for natural products for my son who suffered from skin allergies. I looked through store after store, but couldn’t find a good cotton sheet in my budget. That was a moment of truth for me. I thought of all those Mothers like myself, who would be looking for natural products for their kids and hence, Cotton Dreams was born.
Cotton Dreams offers a wide range of handmade products including sheets,curtains, cushion covers,table cloth and we ha e recently introduced handmade silk scarves.
SP: You have a unique disposition, where you get everything made in India, where you’re from. Do you think this sets you apart from the NZ market? If so why?
 JD: Our sheets are made of high-quality premium cotton yarns. We wanted to be unique in all aspects,  design, material and quality.  We used an ancient printing method called Patri.  We make ink from sugar pulp and iron rust. Then we allow them to react in a controlled environment to create jet black ink. Then we use wooden blocks to print and create beautiful patterns.
We also stitch mirrors on our bedcovers, cushion covers, curtains to give a delicate final product.
SP. Love the detail that goes into each piece. Tell us about how you make them?
 JD: The main difference is that we CREATE, we don’t manufacture. Each and every piece is created with detailed craftsmanship, ensuring the patterns look perfect and the mirrors we stitch enhances the finished product.
We use the best quality of cotton and use natural ink , our products are great for people with allergies and sleep issues.Our products are not only easy to use but easy to maintain as well.You can wash them in the washing machine with a cold cycle. I would also like to mention that with each wash the cotton becomes smoother, thicker and more comfortable, that’s the beauty of good cotton.
SP: What makes Cotton Dreams so sustainable?
JD: We source the best cotton for our products. We make our own ink ensuring high quality standards and maintain it through our till the product is completed. Our commitment is to keep our products natural and beautiful.
SP: Where do you get your design inspiration?
JD: The design is done by getting inspired by things I see on a daily basis.

SP: What’s your favorite thing about what you do?
I love to create .When my son got the allergies,  it was perfect time to combine my need and my passion.
Before the production began,we were very clear that we want to be ethical and create nothing but the best.
And with recent exhibitions that we participated in, we got great responses from kiwis.
SP: And where can you buy Cotton Dreams from?
JD:  Cotton Dreams is a mobile store. You can go into our Facebook page and place an order.We also bring the store to your door. We have now also partnered with Eko Hub in Whangarei.
jaimini devta
Creator and owner, Jaimini Devta
Make sure to follow the Cotton Dreams journey along on Facebook  and Instagram. You can send direct orders to
AND we have a very cool Mother’s Day giveaway happening – so get entering!



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