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I first met Jess (owner and operator of the Blink Studio back in 2012 (I think?) where I wrote an article for Megan over on

The coolest thing about Jess (or one of the coolest things I should say) is that she is beyond lovely and also has a true passion for her art. For those of you that have had lash extensions, it can be very invasive on the eyes. I’ve had them done in Vietnam, London, at cheap places in the mall and also artesian boutiques like Jess. I can honestly say that Jess is one of the best I have ever experienced with lashes (as you’re probably guessing, Vietnam was the worst-stung my eyes, took forever and fell out in like a day).

Yours truly, rocking my Blink lashes, at last year’s ID Fashion Week

I like going to Blink, because the atmosphere is super relaxed (not like a mall when they rush you in and out) but she doesn’t take hours and hours. And most importantly, they look great and don’t fall out straight away.

I’m always reluctant to get lash extensions because I am a fidgeter and as soon as they start to feel stuck in my eyes I end up pulling them out. I don’t do this when I get them done with Jess because she accommodates me and doesn’t fill them right into the corners of my eyes (plus, did I mention how nice she is?).


Jessica Laing, Owner


Check out her killer Instagram and Facebook.





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