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Why Short Dresses for Homecoming Are Trending


When talking about prom or homecoming dresses, most people would envision long dresses but that’s not always the case. You can also wear a short dress and still look chic and gorgeous. In case you are contemplating wearing a short ensemble, there are a number of advantages to opting for this style.

Short Formal Dress for Any Occasion

The great thing about a short prom or homecoming dress is you can wear it to different events, such as formal birthday celebrations and intimate parties with family and friends. You can wear the dress more than just once, and that itself can make it a great investment. In addition, there are countless impressive yet cheap homecoming dresses that you can choose from without hassle.


To add up to short formal dresses making for great investments, they are also cost-effective options. These outfits use less fabric and imply lesser cost in its production; in turn, this allows you to save some money when you purchase a short dress. And since you are able to spend less on the dress, you have more cash to spend on accessories and shoes.

Attractive, Versatile, and Comfortable

Both long and short prom dresses are attractive depending on the quality and design but the former can be harder for the wearer to move in them. With dresses that sit just above the knee, they are more versatile and easier to move around. Plus, you can show off your beautiful legs and stunning footwear choices with a short dress. Shorter dresses also have less weight to them, so it will be much more comfortable for the wearer to enjoy occasions without having to pull up long skirts when moving around.

Indeed, these are just a few advantages to wearing short formal dresses. So, should you decide to go for this style, here are some amazing suggestions on how you can sport a short homecoming dress and still end up looking like the queen of the night.

How to Wear Short Homecoming Dresses

Short gowns look good on everyone, especially for petite body types. So, once you have chosen a dress that flatters your body type, choosing the right accessories will make the entire look even more stunning.


  • Shoes


You can pair short dresses with beautiful ballet flats or go for high heels, but not more than five centimeters high. The height of the heels will lift your bum and can make your dress appear even shorter. Apart from the length, you should also choose the color and the style to match or compliment the color and style of your homecoming dress. Above all, comfort should be top priority when choosing shoes to pair with your short dress. You don’t want to miss out on the enjoyable activities because you wore shoes that were too tight or too loose, or too high that you can’t even move around in them.


  • Purse/Clutch


There are a number of things that you’d like to bring along to the occasion, such as your lipstick, some tissue, or your mobile phone. So, the proper way to accessorize your short homecoming dress is with a purse or clutch that best matches the ensemble. For example, if you’re wearing beaded outfits, select a beaded clutch. If you’re wearing gemstone jewelry, a black clutch with rhinestones will be notable.


  • Jewellry


Dazzling drop earrings that feature gemstones always go well with a short homecoming dress. If you want to wear bracelets, go bold and fancy, and they’ll make perfect complements to any dress. Just remember, wear either a necklace or bracelet but never both.



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