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Autumn Beauty Trends You Skin Will Thank You For


Note: this article was written (by me, Robecca) for Fashion TV where it first appeared.

Autumn is a funny time of year. Some days it’s warm some it’s cold, and your skin doesn’t know what to do with itself. This means chafing, dryness and blotchiness – to name just a few symptoms. Read on to find out how to avoid the mid-year skin slump.

Get a facial.

It’s true that a facial by a professional isn’t exactly cheap as chips but it’s well worth the investment in your skin. Not only will it set you up for the season ahead, it will also cause positive lasting effects for years to come. A common misconception is that wrinkles make you look aged when in fact; it’s usually the condition of your skin. This means it’s so important to look after your it.

I always go to Caci Graham St in Auckland City and get either a microdermabrasion (a very deep exfoliation, reaching many layers down and getting rid of all the gross dirt and dead skin; leaving you glowing) or the hydration facial. Both leave skin soft, smooth and supple.

“The hydration facial is our most popular facial this time of year. The majority of people don’t realise they need to prep their skin for Autumn and Winter so they come in with dry, tired skin. This is where the hydration facial works wonders. A great tip is as well as drinking lots of water, also EAT lots of watery food like fruit. This will combat drying out and help keep you looking young and rejuvenated”

– Wen Wen – Senior Beauty Therapist, Caci Auckland CBD Graham St

Get a good moisturiser.

Did you know that you’re meant to be changing what products you are using depending on the season? Being constantly exposed to the elements, it makes sense that our skin is constantly changing because of it. During Autumn and Winter the texture of our skin can change quite drastically. The wind can cause dryness and roughness so it’s a good idea to use a thicker, creamier product and cut down on the exfoliating (especially in areas that have chapped skin like your nostrils) I love Bee Yu because they are made here in New Zealand, and all their products have natural ingredients with ethically sourced Manuka honey and royal jelly. Plus, they are strong advocates for the protection of bees.

Change your foundation.

Now that you’ve sorted out your skin and it’s looking flawless, it’s important to match it to a foundation. You’re probably not rocking that tan any more, so it’s time to make sure you neck and face are the same colour and use a foundation that works for you in the colder months. I’m a huge fan of the Fenty soft matte long wear foundation because it not only comes in 40 (that’s right 40!!!) different shades so literally everyone is included, but you don’t look like an oil painting after wearing it for a few hours. Watch the video below and see why it keeps selling out.

Don’t skip the Eye Creme

A few years ago it was a trend for beauty gurus – such as renowned British makeup artist Wayne Goss – to say that eye cream was a waste of time and just to use your standard moisturiser. However, they are now backpedaling such comments and are praising eye serum for the nectar of the God’s that it is. Which makes sense because the skin around your eyes is much more delicate than the skin on the rest of your face. So it’s important to protect this area from seasonal change. There are heaps of great eye serums to choose from, Skin Therapy’s Dragon’s Blood Wrinkle Repair Eye Creme is fantastic for rejuvenating tired eyes.


Un-Chap Those Lips

Nothing beats a good old-fashioned lip scrub to get rid of old, dry skin and energise the lips. As well as smoothing out your most kissable assets; a scrub will also create a fuller appearance. I absolutely love DB Designer Brands Lip Cocktail Lip Scrub in Mint To Be because it leaves my lips feeling refreshed as well as smooth.



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