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ID Fashion Week: Jasper Mcgilvray


SP: What got you interested in design in the first place?

JM: What I would say got me interested in clothing and style in general not necessarily design. It is the rapper Andre 3000, buying the Outkast album Stankonia when I was about 7 looking through all imagery of him wearing amazing coloured suits and pink fur coats and massive jewelry. I just thought he was the coolest person ever. 

SP: What is the UK fashion and design scene currently like?

JM: I would say that UK fashion/design scene at the moment is struggling. Not because lack of talent; I think the talent is amazing with designers like Craig Green, Wales Bonner, Cottweiler (to name a few) but because of the cuts and lack support by current Conservative government who are cutting large parts of support to Arts and Design. So young talent including myself I find it a very scary environment to create a new label.

SP: I love the themes behind your collection. Can you tell us about it and why it was important for you to explore?

JM: With my work I like to relate a lot to myself, on a personal level, aiming for the odd and fun. I incorporate ‘girly’, cute and overtly feminine aspects which clash with references to ‘northern’ masculinity – mixing in obsessions with sport and pub culture as this was my upbringing in Northern England being surrounded with this idea of Northern Masculinity. My creative vision is about bringing this across in my designs, while combing it with a large variety of different research sources looking at what is masculine and feminine. This is important to me because I always find it hard not design something that has a connection to me in idea or style. Everything I create I believe really reflects me as a person and what I am interested in.

SP: Who are some of your biggest inspirations for your work?

JM: Andre 3000, musicians, John Galliano, Walter Van Beirendonck and the everyday things in the world and on the internet.

Jasper Mcgilvray

SP:Tell us about your collection showing at ID.

JM: Showing my collection at ID was amazing seeing people react to my work from literally the other side of the world was very cool. Also, see how they caught onto the ideas so quickly, especially when some of the inspirations was so local and personal to me – was really nice to see.

SP: Seeing as you won a big award on the night, has that cemented or you that you’re going to keep designing? What doors has it opened?

JM: It was great to win an award sponsored by Barbara Brinsley and to get to meet her she was a very inspiring person to meet. I wish to keep designing work and create my own label but as I explained the current British climate for designers is not the most supporting so it may not be very easy.

SP: What is next for you?

JM: Hopefully, a future which allows me to keep creating in fashion.

Make sure to follow along on Jasper’s journey by his website.




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