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ID Fashion Week: Lucy Dickinson


Since graduating the RMIT Bachelor of Fashion Design (Honours) course, Melbourne based Lucy Dickinson has won the Australian Fashion Foundation award and has had her collection accepted into both VAMFF and i-D Dunedin emerging designer runways.

Lucy uses a combination of modern 3D printing and laser etching alongside traditional embroidery and painting.

We caught up with Lucy for a chat about her ID collection.

Sans Pareil – What got you interested in design in the first place?

Lucy Dickinson – I started making clothes by screen printing David Bowie tee shirts when I couldn’t find any in Newcastle and it kind of developed from there. It’s always been very tied to what I wanted to wear, starting out customizing pieces before I learnt how to pattern make and sew.


 SP – you have a very specific style, have you always been into 70s Punk themes or was it a gradual evolution? 

LD – I got into punk around the same time as I started getting into fashion so I think it did have a big influence on my attitude towards design, I’ve always been into DIY fashion movements and I think it shows through in my work a lot. My dad was into punk in the 70s so that whole culture has always been really available to me as soon as I was interested in it, I played around with other aesthetics through uni a bit but its definitely something I keep coming back to. I try and make it my own.


SP – What has been your favourite experience working with or interning with designers?

LD – I interned for Di$count Univer$e when they were in Australia which was a lot of fun, they are such amazing designers and it was incredible seeing all the pieces up close.

My best experience working with other designers was probably the grad show me and 5 other students organised at the end of last year called Better & Lesser, it was incredible to show our collections 100% how we wanted and was really inspiring how many people came together to make it happen.

 SP – What do you think of the fashion Climate in Australia? do you see yourself setting up a brand there?

LD – I’m currently working on doing limited runs of handmade pieces on a small scale, but I don’t think I’ll ultimately set up a brand here. There are some amazing brands here but a lot of the advice I’ve received from them is to leave the country which is kinda heartbreaking, I think it’s getting better but its still harder here.


SP –  Who inspires your work?

LD – My collection was inspired by unusual customisation techniques used within subcultures, particularly those utilizing unexpected materials not often found within fashion.

I’m really into fashion outside of the industry, I’ve always been inspired by DIY fashion movements, subculture and youth rebellion. I’m really inspired by my friends who sew an outfit in 2 hours and wear it clubbing, I feel like that’s kind of the purest form of fashion to create something for yourself to wear for one night.

SP – Tell us about your collection showing at ID.

LD – Showing at iD was so much fun, it was amazing staying with and meeting so many amazing designers from all over the world! I’d never been to New Zealand before so it was cool going for something like this, I was so blown away by everyone’s work and it was such an impressive show.


SP –  What have you been doing since graduating and what’s next for you?

LD – Since graduating I’ve shown at VAMFF and iD fashion week and won the AUSFF scholarship, which comes with an internship overseas which will hopefully be finalised for sometime this year… I’ve also been working on my own line that is currently available through my online shop as well as custom pieces for commission, so I’ve been trying to keep busy. Less busy than I was last year though I’m getting 8 hours of sleep a night and its heaven.

Check out Lucy’s website here

And give her a follow on Instagram here



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