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If you follow the Sans Pareil social account (Facebook and Instagram) then you might already know that we have a huuuuge crush on NZ brand SABATINI.

One of the coolest things about Sabatini, is that they make everything here, in Auckland, and use the highest quality materials. Which in itself is quite a daring feat, because the cost of labor alone is something that MANY many local designers have moved offshore. There has been huge controversy over this very topic, when local designer World, known for their apparent strong stance in being pro- NZ Made, were caught getting garments made overseas. 

Sabatini is so committed to NZ made they hold the countries oldest (or one of the oldest) knitting machines in their Auckland warehouse and you can go marvel at it while it works. It’s very cool. This also means that they can offer things like cool internships to students where they actually learn skills rather than get coffee and cut up cardboard boxes (I’ve done it, and it really sucks).

ON that note, take a look at these fun Sabatini glam AF outfits I styled. Everything I’m wearing is new season and available in stores (and some online).



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