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How To Find Which Sex Toy Is Right For You


Sex toys.

Some people are completely for them and others….not so much.

Whatever end of the spectrum you are, you cannot deny there is a HUGE (huge, huge as a certain orange President would say) industry dedicated to the art of the sex toy.

We made this list for women that are interested in trying a toy but are either not sure what to get or are a little shy at going into a sex shop. You should also remember that we are not experts (at all) and the very, very cool manger of The K Road Peaches and Creme, Pierre, also wants you to know that sex toys, like your sex life is a very individual thing, and he is not a sex therapist in anyway – all of the info he’s given is based on his experience with what sells best and what feedback he gets from customers.


If You’re A Beginner:

Basically anything that is a small vibrator / wand – they are un-intimidating, easy to use and have a had a lot of market research go into them. Plus they are always on the top sellers. These also help you can experiment with find your G – Spot. Which can be something a lot of women have never really found. The Calextics range is a great place to start for this. Or if that’s even a bit much for ya, give a wand a go. They are described as ‘a very strong set up from a bullet’.

It’s like asparagus but a wand!

Pierre suggest that another great place to start is by getting yourself a good silicone-based lube you like the taste of – skin does’t absorb silicone – he recommends the T Wicked range. A great starter pack would be good multi-purpose lube and a little vibrator. 

These all taste amazing. Like I would use as a cake-topping.
Remember to clean your toys!

Wanting To Tighten Those Pelvic Muscles: 

Try Double Pop Eggs – They are not only a great toy to try with someone else, but they are a fantastic way to restore pelvic muscles for sexual wellness and a stronger orgasm. This might be a good choice if you’ve given birth and are feeling like your vagina is stretched out of shape- possibly because you had to squeeze a bowling ball out of it – and it’s bothering you.

sex toys

If You’ve Never Had An Orgasm:

This is something that SO SO many women struggle with – the elusive female orgasm. Pierre says that from his experience, the most women find a toy which stimulates both the G-Spot and the Clit is the way to go. So Probably pick a vibrator like this one pictured, which is made to stimulate both. Keep in mind these bad-boys are made very well so it they don’t come cheap.

Feeling A Bit Advance: 

If you’re in it to win it, don’t mind forking out several hundred dollars, then may I present you with the female masterbator – The Lelo  SONA is a sonic clitoral massager. That means it doesn’t rely on vibrations like a conventional sex toy. Instead, it uses sonic waves and pulses to stimulate the entire clitoris – not just the external part you can see and touch. According to our pal, Pierre, these devices are high end, with amazing results and are a top seller. The Womaniser claims it take as little as 1 minute to climax a woman. Woozer.

Into Something A Bit Kinky:

Everyone’s kink is different. So these are only some suggestions based on sales. You could try the Calexotics vibrating bullet.

The person with the control can decide when it’s on/off  and which setting. Apparently this is a popular one for couples wanting to have a naughty little secrete while out in public. I’m not quite sure where the cord hides with clothes on, but hey.

Cord hides where now?

I can’t write a list about sex toys without mentioning the notorious dildo. I personally don’t know many women that are fans of the dildo, but wit advancement’s in technology there is literally one for every occasion. Fun fact – a lot of dildos come with suction cups because people like to stick the on the walls, or showers and well, go nuts. Take a look at some of the range below!

Suction cup bottom!
Emma isn’t a fan of the double ended dildo- but you might be?


That is HUGE

Hopefully you enjoyed reading this article (we had fun researching it at Peaches and Creme) and have learned a few things that will enhance your bedroom experience!

Special shout out to Pierre and Peaches and Creme for taking the time to show us around the sex toy industry.

We <3 you, Pierre!



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