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Nine New Zealand Sex Facts.


We go beyond the strategically placed sock on the door handle to find out what kiwis are up to after dark.


In 2009 a study showed that NZ women were the most promiscuous in the world. The average is upwards of twenty sexual partners. But who gives a fuck really? Consenting, adult fun time is no one’s business but the consenting adults participating.

The average age to lose your virginity in New Zealand is 17.4 years old.


The average age to realise sexual feelings and urges is 15.2 years old. That would include awareness of sexual orientations and sexual preferences.

80% of women cannot orgasm from vaginal penetration alone. Most women need clitoral stimulation from fingers, tongues or sex toys.


Kiwis are the fifth most regular visitors to adult website Porn Hub. The average user stays on the site for 9 minutes 37 seconds.

NZ women have higher than average porn consumption with most common searches are for threesomes, lesbian and celebrity sex tapes such as Kim Kardashian’s.


1 in 3 New Zealand relationships have been blighted by cheating. A whopping 22% of affairs start in the workplace. That’s not what they meant by ‘get better work stories’ guys…

The average penis size is 9.16cm (3.6 inches) flaccid and 13.12cm (5.1 inches) erect. The average girth is 11.66cm (4.5 inches). More confusing is why most people measure penises in inches in a country that only uses metric??




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