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June is sex month here at Sans Pareil. No that doesn’t mean we’re taking time off to go have lots of sex (sadly) it means we are getting down and dirty with interviews, information and different attitudes all about the big S.E.X.

Sex is a tricky subject at the best of times, and the mainstream representation of it is often very, very skewed (that’s right guys, 90% of porn is not an accurate representation of most women’s attitude towards sex – who ‘da thunk it?) so we wanted to present all those different and unique perspectives that are either seen as taboo or ignored by the mainstream.

The staff have unanimously decided that we are waaay too vanilla so hopefully everyone will learn new things!

So like a cross between Carrie Bradshaw and Slutever, we will sit at our computer’s tirelessly until we answer all those big questions.

xx SP




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