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Simone Anderson’s Journey to Health


Auckland based Simone Anderson lost an incredible 92kg first through a diet and exercise regime, and later through gastric band surgery. The 27 year old has been documenting her journey on Instagram and has since attracted followers keen to take inspiration from her transformation.

Before and now. Simone documents her progress on Instagram


Sans Pareil – First things first, what made you want to go public with such a personal experience?

Simone Anderson – I originally started documenting my journey publicly purely for myself – to keep myself accountable. I knew the more of my friends and family that I told the less chance I would of letting them down!


SP – What would you consider the best piece of advice you have for anyone wanting to lose a big amount of weight like you did?

SA – To set yourself lots of small goals along the way, either it’s a new set of pants or a nice trip away. If you focus on the massive end goal it can become overwhelming and because to much of a mountain to want to climb.


SP – You have become a bit of a social media celebrity with your story! What is the most exciting thing that’s happened to you because of it?

SA – Every single day is a dream come true and I honestly feel blessed every single morning. I would have to say appearing on the Tyra banks show is a highlight as well as being on the cover of Good Health magazine.


SP – What has been the worst aspect of your journey?

SA – I don’t have a worst moment, there have been some lows but I believe they have all happened for a reason and have taught me a very valuable lesson along the way!

Simone in an Instagram post with her book ‘Journey to Health’.

SP – You’re very pro plastic surgery. Why do you think cosmetic enhancement should be more publicly accepted?

SA – I believe people should we allowed to do what makes them feel good without judgement of others, I believe the more we talk about these enhancements the less taboo they will become. Just as using fake tan or getting our nails done is now totally socially acceptable!


SP – Some would argue that getting surgery isn’t being very body positive. What do you have to say to that?

SA – This is a topic I speak about a lot, I believe you can love your self and still want to see growth or improvement. Its all about finding what works for you and what you believe in!


SP – What are some tips you have for maintaining a healthy lifestyle?

SA – Set lots of goals, daily goals, weekly goals and long term goals. These help you stay on track and focused. Surround yourself with a good support system these will help motive you further if they align with your vision and goals.

Simone had surgery to remove excess skin after an incredible 92kg loss

SP – You have a book coming out. Tell us a little more about that.

SA – By far my biggest achievement to date, it’s a raw and truthful book about my journey and how I have got to where I am today. I share everything my highs and my lows including one of the most terrifying and scaring nights of my entire life. It’s a great read and would suit a wide variety of audiences who are looking for inspiration in lots of different aspects of life from weight loss to self love and work ethic.


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