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We Ask Erotic Dancers Everything You’ve Ever Wanted To Know


Sans Pareil interviewed staff and marketing manager of the infamous gentlemen’s Calendar Girls. 

Established in 1997, Calander Girls has locations nationwide, so we thought it would be a great place to find some dancers and ask them everything you’ve ever wanted to know. How are their dating lives, do they really like what they do and how did they find themselves dancing nude for money.

SP: What got you into performing initially?

Poppy –  I had always talked about performing and had a talent for being onstage, then I moved to Australia in 2017 and I was traveling a lot and said “F*** it, I’m going to try it out” and it stuck.

Bambi – I’m an entertainer at heart, I worked at a theater restaurant for years, I’ve done comedy, vox pop and was the weather girls on tv, I love the limelight, dancing is fun and don’t enjoy wearing clothes so decided to do stripping as it ticks all the boxes for my interest

SP: What are people’s reaction when you tell them you’re a performer?

Poppy –  At first there’s disbelief, then a lot of questions. I love when people ask me questions about my life as a performer, I believe it removes the stigma that media has placed around people in the industry throughout the years.

Bambi – I look like Barbie and have a big personality so a lot of people accept it straight away and say “obviously you’re an entertainer” when I tell them.

SP: How do you keep your body autonomy whilst performing?

Poppy –  The club has rules and I have rules, if a guy decides to blatantly break those rules I am vocal about it. They get warnings, and if they really push the boundaries, they’ll lose the privilege of seeing me perform.

Bambi – I treat people how I expect to be treated and this gets me by quite well, there are also rules in place and security if a situation occurs.

Do you feel empowered whilst performing?

Poppy –  Absolutely! I’m proud of my body, how it moves and how it looks.

Bambi- yes it’s empowering having all eyes on you but I’m more about making memories for clients, making them feel special and giving them something to talk about the next day.

SP: Do you ever feel nervous before going up on stage?

Poppy- I used to when I first started, but not as much anymore. You become as comfortable naked and putting on a show as you do fully clothed.

Bambi – yes I get super nervous because I worry I might fall over, I’m confident with being naked just not completely comfortable with some of the tricky dance moves.

SP: Aside from dancing, what other characteristics a good performer needs?

Poppy – You must have charm, confidence, showmanship and a lot of finesse.

Bambi- I get by on my wit, humor, glamor looks and my general love of entertaining.

SP: Do you feel that performing has impacted your sex life and relationships with men?

Poppy – As a single woman, yes. Being sexy every night at work takes a lot out of you, so it really takes away from your energy to go be sexy on a date on your night off. Especially with having life and financial goals, it’s really hard to take the time for a guy when I could be hitting those goals instead.

Bambi – I get treated better by guys at work than if I go to a club or a bar, generally. Since doing adult entertainment my standards in men is a lot higher these days and I also don’t set much time apart for it as I work so much.

SP: What would your message be to women who are worried about their partners going to shows?

Poppy- Performers are not your enemy, we are at the club to do our job. We do not want to steal your husbands or undermine you, we may even be some of your biggest supporters. I have so many customers that talk about their partners in such an amazing way, they simply come to us for visual stimulation and entertainment. They come to us to experience a fantasy, we’re there to be that fantasy and make money.

Bambi – we don’t want your men, we want their money. Males need this outlet otherwise they will be asking you to fulfill their fantasy’s which is tricky for any normal girl with a job or kids and no time. Males run on testosterone, it’s natural for them to want and need adult entertainment, let them have their fun so you can have a break from them.

SP: What is the biggest life lesson you have learned from being a performer?

Poppy – Hustle, manage your money and never undersell yourself.

Bambi – Time is money

This next part of the interview in with James Samson, Marketing Manager of Calendar Girls.

SP: What do you think is the biggest misconception about a strip club? 

Almost every person entering a Calendar Girls Venue is shocked by its décor, I think people think ALL Strip Clubs are a dark, dirty club in the back streets somewhere.

SP: Do you think these sorts of clubs are fun for couples? Do you think it’s an alternative to porn and if so better/worse? 

We have just as many couples/girls on the weekends as men.  Couples often come in to see features such as international porn stars, I think both are well excepted in these times.

SP: What is your average client? 

A Person not wanting to cheat on their partner, in years past, women wouldn’t want their partner at a Strip Club.  These days I think most realize their partners better at CG than another club.

SP: How have things changed with the internet? 

It has worked for the better I think, all the creeps are on the dark web while everyone else is on our Snapchat (CGSNZ)

If you or you and your partner (or whoever) are interested in visiting a show check out the Calenders Girls website and facebook.




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