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15 Quick Skin Tips From A Pro That Will Get Your Skin Glowing ASAP


I sat down with Caci CBD Graham St  Senior Beauty Therapist, Wen Wen; and got the low down on 15 quick & easy tips to get your skin glowing this winter.

1. Really important to double cleanse every day – This is one of the most important things you can do.

2. When exfoliating you don’t need to do the whole face in one go – the skin on your cheeks is more delicate than the skin on your chin – exfoliate your cheeks once a week but your nose, chin and forehead every 2-3 days.

3. Hydration is the most important thing across all skin types. If the skin is dehydrated it can’t absorb products you use or repair itself. It’s similar to when you’re sleep deprived and cannot function properly.

4. No matter what foundation or concealer is good for your shin, they can block the pours and cause congestion and break outs. So give your skin time to breathe, have one day a week with no makeup on to let your skin breathe.

5. Sunblock EVERYDAY. No matter what, especially in NZ. SPF 50.

6. Computers, phones and indoor lights – all is blue light. Exposing your bare skin to blue light for 8 hours is the same as going into the sun for 10minutes without any sunblock.

7. Massaging your skin everyday is so crucial! When the skin is slightly warmer the products you use can go deeper and repair more. It will also help to even out skin tone by getting the blood flowing evenly.

8. Always use your ring finger when applying eye crème – it’s the finger with the least pressure. This means it won’t stretch the skin as under the eyes is so delicate.

9. Eat water! (yup, eat) Watery fruit like kiwifruit, beetroot or vegies like broccoli – it will stay in the body longer and these foods also have lots of anti-oxidant in it.

10. Drink lemon water daily – lots of vitamin C which is a key ingredient for skin to repair. And it detoxes the skin (helps your body and skin get rid of all the rubbish it produces).

11. Skin reflects our insides – if you’re not sleeping or eating well or are stressed, it will show on your skin.

12. Needling is on of the best treatments you can get (not for acne though) it promotes collagen to grow and gives the face more volume. It makes the skin produce it’s own collagen for repair.

13. Get a home roller – after a double cleanse do a home roller – this is great for women with hormone pigmentation.


14. Acne is not a product of too much oil, it’s the opposite, the skin is lacking moisture so it over compensates with more surface oil. Once the PH level is balanced it will even out.

15. Wait at least a few minutes between putting on makeup after your skincare routine to let the products absorb into the skin.

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