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Things We’re Lovin’ – Mi Piaci and Overland


Shoes hold the power to not only make or break an outfit, but dictate the quality of your day or night out. While a weird skirt or bad bra are irritating, uncomfortable footwear is agony


Now well into my thirties I’m determined to leave my days of hobbling along in budget high heels in the past, along with my fake ID and plastic bottles of cider.


This week we’re lovin’ these beautiful gold mules from Overland and funky black boots from Mi Piaci (pictured below). The perfect combination of style and comfort, they are both sturdy and buttery soft.


Head to the Mi Piaci website here and here for Overland to grab your next wardrobe staple. Trust us, with shoes this good you’ll hardly be home.



Gold Overland mules and sunshine yellow nails bring some summer to winter
Gold Mules by Overland




Kimono by Carly Harris. Buy it here
Boots by Mi Piaci
These Mi Piaci boots are so comfortable
Boots by Mi Piaci





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