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We try it – Essano Superfoods Collection


Lovers of everything natural, organic and locally produced rejoice! The brand, spanking new Essano Superfood skin care collection is landing at a Supermarket near you in mid September.


Made with the nutrient boost of cinnamon, turmeric and kale whilst harnessing the very sciencey sounding liposomal technology. It’s all great on paper but as we all know the proof of the pudding is in the eating. Or in this case, the application.

Essano Launch. Photo Alice Brooking for Sans Pareil

My skin will only tolerate extremely gentle and natural products. Anything else is like paint stripper. I don’t know if this is something I was born with or if I ruined it with Oxy 10 in the early 90s, but my skin is prone to mega tantrums if my skin care isn’t exactly right. This makes sampling new products a bit of a lottery.


With this in mind I started off with the very gentle Turmeric Cream Cleanser. The only thing I really know about turmeric is it makes a cracking golden latte and it stained half my kitchen when I tried to make fancy rice. Luckily this face wash won’t stain anything so rest assured you won’t end up looking like you have jaundice. Turmeric reduces inflammation, fights free radicals and re-energises your skin to fight off pesky fine lines and wrinkles. The wash itself is like liquid velvet, it almost melts into the skin leaving it feeling nourished rather than stripped out or covered in residue. 10/10 would use again.

Essano Launch. Photo Alice Brooking for Sans Pareil

I love spray toners so I was pretty excited to find the Kale Balancing Toner. There is just something magical about spritzing your face with a cool, refreshing mist whilst pretending to be Jeffree Star with his setting spray. Kale is hydrating and full of vitamin A and E that boosts elasticity and collagen production. As a bonus it also smelt divine.


For my final product test I went for the Kale Hydrating Daily Moisturiser which I am now officially in love with. My skin felt soft but not clogged up with heavy product. It will be perfect on its own or as a base for makeup.


These products are certified organic, made in New Zealand and are free from harsh soaps or parabens. I didn’t react from anything I tried, in fact I found the redness in my face reduced. The price point is fantastic considering the high quality of the products and they will be easily available at New World, Pak n Save and Countdown so you can fling them in with the weekly shop instead of making a special trip somewhere or messing around ordering online every time you run out of something. How good is that?

Essano. Photo Alice Brooking for Sans Pareil



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