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New Zealand Fashion Week: 4 Things To Take Away From Day Two

  1. The pant-suit. That’s right, it’s time to bust out your best Melanie Griffith Working Girl  (maybe minus the the super shoulder pads) and get your 80s boss happenin’.
    Image via Gathum

    Image via Gathum

2. Block Colours – They were everywhere, ESPECIALLY at the gorgeous HEJ HEJ show.

Image via Gathum

Image via Gathum

3.  Norm-core. I have to admit I never expected norm-core to last this long. but it has and I’m guessing it’s because it’s basically the most comfortable style EVER. So bust out your old Seinfeld DVDs and get on that Elaine/ Jerry vibe. We loved how great Wynn Hamlyn channeled this energy.

4. The blazer. Yes, I’m kind of cheating because number one was the pant-suit and a blazer make up half of that, HOWEVER the blazer deserves it’s own mention because almost every designer this season (national and international) has produced their own version. And matched them with everything from mini skirts to cargos.

Wynn Hamlyn



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