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Overheard At Fashion Week


Fashion Week is packed full of the beautiful, the eccentric and the creative so golden quotes are pretty plentiful. Here are a few of our favourites (the ones we could print anyway)


. “You know if coffee or Coronation Street finished the world would end”

. “You’d actually be amazed by what I can do with Kimchi”

. “Oh I get it! Good God Man, like Godman his name. That makes sense”

. “If it’s not designer, just say it’s vintage”

. “Oh my god, this eyeliner won’t come off, it’s tattoo’d my face! This is my life now!”

. “You look half dead and I look like an extra in a Rob Zombie movie but we just gotta get through this ok”

. “It doesn’t matter where you get your appetite, as long as you eat in your own kitchen”





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