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We Try It – Sonophoresis Infusion


Having sensitive skin that is prone to reaction and redness if you so much look at it the wrong way is quite frankly a total pain in the arse.

I was pretty traumatised by questionable skin care routines throughout my teens and twenties. My thirteen year old self managed to chemical burn my face with a well known cleansing fluid twice in the same week on top of the damage I was already doing with a brutal exfoliator. I may as well have borrowed my dad’s electric sander and saved myself some time.  Thankfully things have changed since ‘94 but I’m still hugely wary of having anyone do anything to my face.

However it’s us sensitive types that need professional skincare the most, but are actually the least likely to actually go get it.

In light of this, I grabbed my face and took it down to Caci in Graham Street, Auckland for a consult and for the first of my treatments.

Having inspected my skin thoroughly, my therapist recommended I go for a sonophoresis infusion rather than a microdermabrasion. This extremely gentle treatment uses electrical currents to really push a vitamin enriched serum right into the skin, brightening, tightening and re-hydrating.

Even after one treatment my skin definitely feels much smoother and thankfully my skin didn’t throw a tantrum and leave me looking like the last tomato in the punnet. I’m super excited for the next one.


Click here to learn more about this treatment and how it can get your skin glowing

Emma and the machine. Getting infused with goodness.



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