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Five Minutes with Jerome Taylor from Not For You

Jerome Taylor, the creator behind Not For You, breaks every fashion designer stereotype going. The ex roofer and insurance salesman is now pulling crowds at New Zealand Fashion Week with his brand of contemporary street wear. We had a quick chat with him to find out more about “the Kiwi bloke who makes clothes”.
Sans Pareil – When did you realise that you had a interest in fashion design?
Jerome Taylor – I always had a love of art specifically graffiti growing up and overtime it progressed to fashion design. I started with creating prints for t-shirts with my friends I then realized that instead of purchasing t-shirts that I must be able to make them so I had lessons before my insurance job at the time. At the time I was also reconstructing hats and shoes, I was creating on a beginners level I then decided I wanted to fine tune my designs so I went to NZ Fashion Tech and haven’t looked back since.
SP -Where did you grow up and has it shaped your designs?
JT – I grew up in Wainuiomata in Wellington and I don’t feel like it has shaped my designs. My designs are based off my own thoughts, feelings and my outlook on life.
SP – What inspired you to take the leap and follow your passion?
JT – I was too scared to life a life of mediocrity, I didn’t want to live a life I wasn’t happy with.
SP – Did your previous job as a roofer teach you any life lessons you use today?
JT – It taught my that I would not be the person I am today if I didn’t pursue my dreams by staying in a job that I didn’t feel fulfilled in.
SP – What does a day in the life of Jerome Taylor look like?
JT – I live a typical day like most other people however I have a job that I can say I 100% love and wouldn’t change for the world.
Not For You Show @ NZFW18
SP – How did you come up with the name Not For You?
JT – Originally my brother gave me the idea of the name however because it was coming from him I didn’t want to use it haha but it wasn’t until someone saw one of my t-shirts they asked about the price and I gave it to them and they said they could get a plain t from the warehouse for a third of the price and I said well it’s not for you then, from there I knew it was the perfect name.
SP – What was the inspiration behind your latest collection?
JT – I wanted to celebrate how far we have come as a label since launching the label in 2016.
SP – Are there any messages you want your clothes to portray or instill in the wearer?
 JT – I want the wearer to know having Not For You in their wardrobe means that they have confidence on a coat hanger.
SP – Do you have any advice for others who are wanting to follow their dreams but aren’t quite sure how?
JT – Believe in yourself and always back yourself. My biggest asset is my confidence and I will always strive to improve and be the best version of myself.
Check out Jerome’s amazing collection here
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