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My Morning with Angela Stone


Lifestylist Angela Stone exploded onto our screens in 2016 as part of the reality TV series The Real Housewives of Auckland. After filming wrapped she took time out to heal herself from the aftermath of the show and reflect on her housewives experience. Recently she has been quietly getting on with helping kiwis become their best selves through her various projects and business ventures. Tall, striking looking and incredibly glamorous I wondered what she would make of someone who looked like a small pile of laundry on a good day. 


As a teenager in the 90’s I was heavily into grunge, metal and punk. I was a wannabe goth but that was too much effort so the ease of ripped jeans, thrifted band shirts, plaid and boots appealed to both my creativity and laziness. I’m now 37 years old and little has changed. I arrived at Angela’s central Auckland apartment dressed in baggy Bali pants, a skull singlet and a pair of old but very loved black Converse high tops. The standard Emma uniform. Angela was dressed in a beautiful pink and white floral dress with nude pumps. I was momentarily nervous people would think I was trying to mug her.


Very early on I realised Angela was nothing like she had been portrayed to be on the show. Yes, she was smiling, but it was genuine. She passionate about her craft and was surprisingly easy to talk to. We almost didn’t get round to doing what we came to do because I was so busy reeling off my life story.

“I don’t want to turn everyone into clones, I want them to follow their own style” So what’s mine? “You’re creative, you’re never going to suit a corporate look”. Well that’s a relief but what exactly is a creative look? Is it just code for a bit scruffy? Angela pulled out her laptop and I actually loved all the styles she showed me. Damn, she’s good.


Turns out there’s more to this dressing malarkey than just looking at outfits. I have to make sure I’m buying the right colours and for the right body shape. I generally wear most colours in no particular order and all I know body-wise is my current limb count so I’m directed to a chair in direct sunlight in front of a mirror with no makeup on and a white sheet. Probably not my best look. After a lot of colour swatches and a discussion around what can and cannot be worn if you have red hair, I’m an Autumn. I own nothing in these colours. Couple this revelation with the discovery I have an hourglass body shape and I’ve been doing this wearing clothes thing all wrong for quite some time. I don’t know if I’m more surprised by the official permission to wear orange or the fact I share a body shape with Kim Kardashian, albeit a much smaller, softer version. Either way, I clearly need to go shopping for some proper grown up lady clothes.

Meeting a stylist was far from the experience I thought it would be and it’s actually so really helpful to find out the colours I should be wearing and the shape I should be dressing for. Am I going to rush home and rip everything out of my wardrobe? Of course not, but at least I can make more informed decisions when I’m shopping, especially for a special events, instead of wandering through racks aimlessly waiting for something to inspire me.


If you want to know more about how Angela can help you achieve the look you want, check out her website here and Facebook page here.




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