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Why We Love Halloween Nail Art


If, like me, you’re pretty pumped it’s literal days away from Halloween you’ll be wanting to get in the spirit of all things spooky. We appreciate you (probably) won’t able to go to work in full costume so the obvious solution is a beautiful set of eerie nails to rock your Halloween vibe. We sent Alice to our fas at Art Of Nails¬†to go get her nails did’.¬†


Here are some more ‘extreme’ Halloween nail art ideas below. x

Horror movie – As Halloween more often than not falls on a week day night, what better than to snuggle up with a bottle of wine and a scary movie? Wear your favourite characters as nail art while you have a candlelit heart attack every time the cat moves.



Arty – If you’re going for a tasteful, understated look these nails are perfect. They are out there enough to be fun, but subtle enough for a meeting with the board of directors. Acrylics are a great option for theme nails simply because there is more space to work with.



Simple – If don’t want or can’t have acrylic nails full of bling and want a simple but effective look something like this is ideal. This art deco look is perfect to take from work to lunch to parties and back again.



Cute – This pink and black look embraces Halloween in a pretty way. It doesn’t have to just be black, orange and red. Play around with your favourite colours matched up with some classic designs. Bubblegum pink may not be normally associated with Halloween but you do you boo.



Traditional – Black, white and orange? check. Spiders, ghosts and pumpkins? check. Sometimes holidays just don’t feel real unless you’re rocking the traditional themes and there’s nothing wrong with that. This look would look amazing with either natural or acrylic nails.




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