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The Lazy Guide to Skincare


For many of us beginning a good skincare routine is like January at the gym. We start with enthusiasm and good intentions but when the initial results slow down we have a tendency to loose interest.

Unless you really stick with it, cleanser, toner, serum, eye cream, day and night cream, oil and lip scrub becomes a quick whip round with a damp face cloth at best. Instead of setting yourself up with a complicated, 20 minute routine we’ve broken it down to the least amount of effort without actually giving up completely.

  1. Cleansing – This is a must do. All the oil, dirt and general crud from the day can leave your skin looking dull and block pores. If you cleanse in the shower use cooler water to rinse it off so it doesn’t aggravate your skin or cause redness. I find foaming cleansers the quickest and most effective to use.
  2. ¬†Moisturising –¬† During the day use a high factor sunblock. Even on overcast days UV can still burn and damage your skin. I do use a night cream and eye cream before I sleep and leave both beside my bed so I don’t have to get up again when I inevitably forget.
  3. Toner – I put rosehip water in a mini spray bottle and just squirt in the direction of my face. You can also buy gel toners that you just apply to your skin. This is generally quicker and less wasteful than faffing around applying liquid toner to a cotton pad.
  4. Oil and serum – I use these on a by-need basis not as a regular thing. To me these are more complimentary treatments than daily events. If my skin is looking particularly dry or I’ve been in heat or AC I just slap a bit of rosehip oil over my normal night cream which seems to do the trick.
  5. Lip scrub. I bought the best smelling lip scrub about a year ago. I love it, however I’ve remembered to use it a whooping twice. Scrub your lips with your tooth brush after brushing your teeth. Ideal? no. Better than nothing? yes. Also moisturise your lips with either balm or the cream you’re using on the rest of your face.
  6. Never, ever no matter how tired, drunk, or insane you’re feeling go to sleep with your make up on. Every time I do it I have all the regrets. Stinging irritated eyes from mascara getting in them, blocked pores and angry skin. Even if you do nothing else, at least remove all your make up before you sleep, even if it’s with a baby wipe as the room is spinning and you’re telling your lamp how much it means to you.
  7. Masques – As much as I actually love a good sheet mask, they’re fiddly and you can’t move around much while they’re on. If you’re busy and needing to multi task you need one a thick clay or serum type mask that you can just apply then carry on with whatever it is you need to do. I personally prefer a serum style mask that i just remove with a tissue, however if you want to use clay do it just before your shower so you can whip it off in there. Remember to use cooler water on your face than you would for the rest of your body if you want to avoid looking like a tomato.



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