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Things We’re Lovin’ – The Garden Salon


I’m the first to admit I have no hairdressing skills. Despite this, I’ve been cutting my own hair in my bathroom for the last seven years.

This is basically due to throwing finding a decent, local, hairdresser in the too hard basket. As someone with a mass of red curls, it’s really difficult getting the perfect colour evenly through my hair.  I get recommendations every other week but I never follow them up, so I always end up hacking away at my ponytail with kitchen shears whilst simultaneously cooking dinner, throwing laundry on and yelling at kids. So it goes without saying I was pretty excited when Amy Tie, owner of The Garden Salon, invited me to come down and check out her unique salon in Red Beach, Auckland. Amy has been a hairdresser for eight years both in Auckland and Brisbane, joining the team at Serville’s to style models for New Zealand Fashion Week so I was confident I was in very capable hands.


The Garden Salon itself is an actual garden and it’s the cutest thing. Definitely a new and quite serene experience.

I was in desperate need of a professional cut, with actual hairdressing scissors rather than kitchen shears, and a colour through my hair to even up my sun-faded ends and white hairs. Amy used a bright copper tint through my hair, then cut about two inches off the bottom. I was pretty hesitant about chopping it but it looked looked so much healthier and thicker without all the wispy ends that I was glad I went for it. My hair is naturally very curly so conditioning treatments are essential to eliminate frizz and control the curls. Amy used a treatment especially formulated for my hair type. Can’t say I objected to the incredible head massage either. To finish up I had my hair blow dried straight. This is probably my favourite thing in the world as it’s such a dramatic difference and I can enjoy a couple of days break from getting up each morning to wrestle the curls.

This was the before. blow dried and no conditioner. Curly hair’s worst nightmare. Yikes.


This is what happens when you blast my hair with a blow dryer. What a birds nest!!

The after was amazing. The colour was even and vibrant and my hair felt so healthy



The Garden Salon is a unique twist on the usual salon experience and definitely one to try.

You can find Amy on Facebook and Instagram here.




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