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How to Freckle Yourself Without Ruining Your Face


Freckles are trending in the beauty community right now. All manner of beauty vloggers and YouTubers are busy making tutorials of how to achieve the look. However, even the seemingly simple task of applying dots to the skin can turn quickly into a giant disaster. I’m sure by now most of you have seen the henna freckles go spectacularly wrong video. If not, watch it by clicking right here.


We at SP love a bit of DIY but for the love of Lady Gaga don’t ever do something permanent or long lasting to your face unless you’re either a bajillion percent sure you absolutely know what you’re doing or you get a professional who absolutely knows what they’re doing.


There are two reasons to go ahead and do something radical to your face on a whim without considering the two options above.

  1. Don’t
  2. DON’T but in caps


It’s extremely unwise to smother your face in henna without at least doing templates with pencil, patch testing for a reaction and starting small. What I mean by that is screwing up 8 henna freckles on your nose is less of a crisis than painting on a thousand then puffing up, turning red and generally looking like you’re warning children about the impending arrival of Pennywise the clown.


Unusually for a redhead, I don’t have many freckles so I decided to see how easy it was to create some temporary fake freckles you can easily wash off if you don’t like them.


You will need

  1. Brown eyebrow pencil or eyeliner
  2. One damp beauty blender


Lets go


Draw dots on your face. Concentrate around the nose, chin and forehead



Blend with the same beauty blender you used for your foundation, or put a little bit of product on before you blend out.


Start small and build up to the desired level of freckle-ness. For a bolder look use a brown liquid liner.


That’s literally it. No stains, no reaction, no panicking, but with the same result.




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